Wave The Rainbow campaign 2022 made us a proud ally again

Every day, we naturally promote diversity through our personalizing mobile apps, yet Wave The Rainbow 2022 campaign made Wave Studio a proud ally again this June. As things go, we are proud to be part of a movement toward freedom of expression and the right to love anyone without any judgment. 

Hey, World, we still have work to do!

Wave The Rainbow came to light as a follow-up to our 2021 Wear The Rainbow campaign. We carry on to being a promoter for diversity, paving that trail through the products we choose to develop. We always work with an open mind and heart while trying to find our own tangible ways to militate against discrimination of any kind. 

During June, we aim to amplify the Pride month message and engage our community. We encourage conversation, hoping that each small talk adds up to building a more inclusive society. Our part in normalizing the subject is to create and inspire others to make statement pocket art and share it with the world. So this year we dug deeper for the heart of a lion and went a bit more personal. 

Be a proud ally!

With families and friends in mind, we thought about how important it is to know you are supported and understood by your close ones. Through Wave The Rainbow campaign, we encourage everyone, but most of all the families and friends, to be proud allies. We know that having their blessing is one of the most empowering feelings in many life aspects, including this one.

While there are different things to do to show support, we are keen on visuals. Waving the rainbow is one of the easiest yet upfront ways to show you’re backing the community. There are still so many people who don’t really know how to open up about the subject and state that they are cool about it. The idea of wearing a statement garment, accessory, or even more handy – making your phone a statement accessory – can help show you care. Ultimately, we gave our users an easy-going conversation starter through the designs we promote on Pride Month.

Wave the rainbow! It’s a start

So we started from the inside, put together the Pride wallpapers collection, and added the new ones for 2022.

On this occasion, we even introduced a new type of interactive wallpaper activated by a double-tap, inspired by Michelangelo’s famous Creation of Adam.

Then we showed how to make your own, and got some wonderful pieces of art from our app’s community.

Everyone can easily show their support by waving the rainbow on their phones & creating their version of a Pride 3D wallpaper in the My Studio section of our main app.

All our Wave Live Wallpapers’ social media got the multicolor diversity theme, spreading the love to all our followers. To engage and touch more people, we also run a challenge on TikTok for short how-to be proud ally videos using our rainbow-themed backgrounds with a green screen effect.

Together, we took another step to outcolor the hate

Raising awareness and communication are key to evolution and problem-solving. Sadly, this type of discrimination is still a reality and produces too much pain. One part of the issue? We still don’t know enough, don’t understand enough, and don’t talk enough to normalize a subject that was always part of human nature.

So we’ll continue to inspire our users to wave the rainbow for a kinder and more inclusive world. We speak through pocket art, but our artworks often spark conversation. The Pride-themed wallpapers are always FREE and accessible if you search “Pride” on the main screen of our app – free to download from the Play Store.

Shakespeare once wrote: Brevity is the soul of wit. Or in simpler words, big things can be expressed in very few words, or in this case, just through cool expressive live wallpapers.

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