Wavesome.AI: A Revolution in the World of AI-Generated Art

2022 has been a whirlwind for us here at Wave Studio. After years of developing apps for Utilities, Tools and Personalization, it was time to extend our business to new horizons. With AI generative art on the rise, we couldn’t resist exploring this topic with our team. So right before 2023 knocked on the door, we took a deep dive into the vast ocean of AI and emerged with our unique creation, Wavesome.AI, available for both Android and iOS users.

Our journey began with a simple, yet ambitious vision: making AI-generated art accessible for everyone. Art has long been perceived as an exclusive realm, even with the AI art tools available by the end of 2022. But with Wavesome.AI, we wanted to change that narrative. We’ve meticulously designed our app so even someone with zero artistic knowledge can jump right in and produce mesmerizing art pieces.

Initially, Wavesome.AI allowed users to recreate existing artworks and modify them with a twist of their own. However, our hunger for innovation didn’t stop there. We introduced a ‘text-to-image’ tool and then further expanded our toolkit by adding a ‘sketch-to-image’ way of asking AI to create.

Our latest addition? A groundbreaking AI avatar feature now available for our iOS users. Unlike other apps that demand a series of photos and a lot of patience, Wavesome.AI simplifies the process. All you need is the most basic selfie, and within seconds, you can convert it into an avatar styled any way you like. With over 250 avatar styles – and counting – the possibilities are actually endless.

Yet, this journey had its fair share of hurdles. One of the most intriguing? The seemingly endless battle against NSFW content. We learned a ton about the boundless creativity (and mischief!) of users. Some of the imaginative, if not eyebrow-raising attempts to bypass our filters left us both impressed and stumped. It was a cat-and-mouse game, sharpening our strategies to identify and block these cheeky exploits. But hey, challenges only add zest to the adventure, right?

Developing is also a way of discovering and for us a kind of entertainment. Like that first time when we mashed up Michael Jackson with Elvis Presley! (Don’t ask, just try it!) Beta-testing threw some curveballs, but also some #wavesome eureka moments. That’s the beauty of AI, unpredictable yet mind-blowing!

Creating Wavesome.AI has been a rewarding and enlightening experience. From conceptualizing the features to marketing the app and envisioning various use cases for AI art and avatars – every step has been a lesson and a joy.

Beyond artistry, Wavesome.AI became a game-changer for crafting professional avatars. From sprucing up LinkedIn profiles to adding flair to dating apps, it’s your digital glam squad! Check out our socials on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook to discover other crazy ideas of how to use the Wavesome genie.

Riding the AI wave feels like surfing on rocket fuel. It’s fast, it’s exhilarating, and oh-so-addictive! Here at Wave Studio, we’re all geared up, surfboards in hand, ready to catch the next big wave. Join us on this wavesome adventure, will you?

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