Wavesome.AI: A Revolution in the World of AI-Generated Art

2022 has been a whirlwind for us here at Wave Studio. After years of developing apps for Utilities, Tools and Personalization, it was time to extend our business to new horizons. With AI generative art on the rise, we couldn’t resist exploring this topic with our team. So right before 2023 knocked on the door, we took a deep dive into the vast ocean of AI and emerged with our […]

How did we get here? Are live wallpapers so in demand?

Quite often, people are surprised when they find out what we do at Wave Studio. The first question that pops in is: are live wallpapers so in demand? The short answer is: “Yes, have you seen our download numbers?”. But to offer more clarity on the subject, we want to give you a longer answer in the following lines. We found a moment to look back, chew over, and assess […]

Wave The Rainbow campaign 2022 made us a proud ally again

Every day, we naturally promote diversity through our personalizing mobile apps, yet Wave The Rainbow 2022 campaign made Wave Studio a proud ally again this June. As things go, we are proud to be part of a movement toward freedom of expression and the right to love anyone without any judgment.  Hey, World, we still have work to do! Wave The Rainbow came to light as a follow-up to our […]

Being human is being kind. Wave Studio is involved in developing an inclusive toy library for kids with disabilities

Having a successful company comes along with financial benefits and opportunities to give something back to society. Every year we choose a non-profit organization to aid, bring smiles and make people feel good, as we all like to feel. But this time, we were keen to get involved in a cause closer to our people.  The School Center for Inclusive Education from Babeni offers educational services to kids with special […]