From 0 to wavesome – How to start and amplify the ripple effect

We thought about the best topic to launch our company blog and what our followers would like to know about Wave Studio. Our path so far is quite concise, but looking back, it makes us proud that we got to do so much in such a short time. That’s why we want to share our story of how a handful of people made the right formula for a startup to reach remarkable results.

2014 – Understanding the market

Not so long ago, in 2014, we started to prospect the mobile apps space. At first, we were just a bunch of curious fellows trying to understand how it all works. We had chosen to explore the Personalization category because we thought it could be fun and easy-going.

We started working as a third-party provider for a popular publisher in personalized keyboards. This year was filled with fun, hard work, and enlightenment. Once we began to understand the market dynamics, we knew there was a lot more to do than to play it safe as a simple provider.

2015 – Testing and optimizing

We took our time to test different opportunities on which we stumbled upon. Testing and optimizing became our serious hobbies, helping us grow into the type of business we are today.  Though our mindset is flexible, we obsess about some things, like being a highly results-oriented type of company.

2016 – Our first product 

So in 2016, we were ready to make a great leap and run the app business under our own name. Wave Design Studio was launched, along with our first product – Wave Keyboard – the first animated keyboard ever on the Play Store. It was for sure a year of firsts, including the first time our work got copied. While this is a real sign of appreciation, it is also detrimental to a business that thrives on design and originality. So we started to learn how to protect our work.

During this year, we continued to improve our products, expanding our markets. Wave Keyboard was becoming more popular in Europe, Asia, and South America. At this point, Facebook and Google Ads were already part of our growth strategy, constantly growing their efficiency.

2017 – First breakthrough

In 2017, our Personalization portfolio gained a new product in the shape of the Wave Live Wallpapers app. This extension naturally added value to our keyboards’ work and the users loved it. So we continually sought to improve our apps along with the users’ experience while keeping our eyes on the overall conversion numbers and profitability. In 2017 we launched the Android-themed apps by merging our cool keyboards and live wallpapers.

2018 – First iOS project

After the years spent consolidating a top position on Android’s Personalization category, we knew it was time to take on the iOS space. We launched the live wallpapers app adapted for iPhone use – Live Wallpapers & Lockscreens, which gained us new business horizons.

2019 – A massive hit on the Play Store

This year was special thanks to our designer’s brilliant idea that propelled one of our themed apps into a massive hit. Diamond Wallpaper & Animated Keyboard surpassed any expectations we had in terms of numbers, and it still rocks the Personalization category with millions of installs monthly. We consider it a breakthrough that inspires us to aim higher, be open, and anticipate the trends that will get everyone’s attention.

2020 – Staying on top with know-how 

During 2020 we kept on growing the business following our own and much-tested recipe for success. We identified design trends like the lone wolf or the cool steampunk pipes and transformed them into new top personalizing apps that gained millions of downloads. Once the iOS14 allowed iPhone users more control over their devices, we’ve launched a widgets app.

2021 – Rebranded and we echoed

This year we moved up the ladder. 2021  was about recognition both from the inside and from the outside. First, we updated our brand name from Wave Design Studio to Wave Studio, along with our brand essence of Creating Wavesome Apps. It was time for a brand identity that better reflects who we are today.

Perfect timing, since in 2021 we entered the prestigious programme of Deloitte Fast 50 Central Europe as one of the Impact Stars companies in the region. Next, Financial Times & Statista published their annual FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies with Wave Studio ranking first out of Romanian companies.

We continued working on our most successful apps, updating and optimizing; launched a bunch of new killer theme apps based on smart 3D wallpapers and nailed 150M downloads overall. This actually places us in the top 3 developers for Tools & Personalization and in the general top 100 on the Google Play Store. Thanks to our brilliant team, which has doubled in number, brains, and creativity in just one year.

2022 – Reaping Recognitions and Pioneering with AI Art

In 2022, we were thrilled to be the highest-ranked Romanian company for the second year in a row, #19 in IT&Software, and #107 out of all best-performing businesses included in the FT1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies according to Financial Times and Statista. Additionally, we ranked 22nd in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for Central Eastern Europe, marking a significant recognition for our company. Our work in promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with the Wave The Rainbow campaign earned us an award from Google, testifying to our social commitment. And as always, we found ourselves among the top 3 developers for the Personalization category, proving our constant drive for excellence.

We continued in our relentless pursuit of creating wavesome apps, planning, and launching new innovative products. By the end of the year, we were ready to introduce the Wavesome AI art generation app for all Android and iOS users to enjoy, at any skill level. 

Wave Studio, ever on the move, is still writing its story. Some chapters may have ended, but rest assured, the narrative continues. The ripple effect we started years ago is still spreading, and we look forward to making more waves in the time to come.

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